München brewery - Stockholm, Sweden
ca 3000 sqm


kype’s new office in Sweden is located  in an old brewery in Stockholm. In 2012 it opened for about 300 employees, mainly engaging in developing the audio- and video for the Skype platforms. The interior design reflects the Skype spirit – a joyful, user friendly tool connecting people all over the world. So is the space – playful and functional.

The triangular and rhomboid shapes of the carpet pattern, as well as the design of workplaces, tables and bar, are based on the concept of a net with connecting nodes. The colourful and round shapes of the furniture are derived from Skype’s graphic profile. Also, the Skype logotype has been interpreted into ball shaped light fittings around the office. The Skype Stockholm office focuses on development of audio and video which is manifested in custom designed wallpapers where pictures of headsets and cables create patterns.

The office has extremely good acoustics, necessary for this type of work, obtained by a large number of wall sound absorbers with and without prints.

Skype is growing quickly and in november 2012 two additional levels for another 100 employees opened, which have been designed by pS Arkitektur. The concept, architecture and technical aspects have been improved and refined according to our experiences from the first year in the München Brewery.

In 2011 pS Arkitektur received first price for Outstanding Design of the Year at the 9th Modern Decoration International Media Award in China;  Silver in the Swedish award Swedens Prettiest Office,  as well as nominations for best office design in Leaf Awards, London andInside Festival, Barcelona.

Architect´s company: pS Arkitektur
Head architect: Peter Sahlin
Project architect : Stage 1  -  Mette Larsson Wedborn      Stage 2  -  Mari Owrenn
Lighting designer: Beata Denton
Assisting architects : Stage 1  -  Erika Janunger, Thérèse Svalling    Stage 2  -  Martina Eliasson, Emilie Westergaard Folkersen, Thérèse Svalling
Photography: Jason Strong Photography